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Fraud Awareness

Jul 05, 2017

Property fraud never seems to be out of the headlines. Fraudsters are dreaming up ever more creative ways of depriving us of our money and property.

The Land Registry has come up with some helpful tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud -

You can also sign up to an email alert service which will contact you to warn you of activity affecting the property such as a new mortgage or attempted transfer. You can sign up to this service at; and register up to 10 properties.

In addition, you can register a restriction against the title to your property which means that anyone attempting to register a dealing with the property such as a transfer or mortgage has to have confirmation from a solicitor that the person signing the document has been properly identified as the property owner.

At Nockolds we work hard to protect our clients from fraud and have put in place extra measures to ensure that your funds are safe when you send them to us and when we send payments to you or third parties, but if you would like us to help with protecting your property from fraud please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you have any concerns about fraud regarding your property, please contact:

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