How to Avoid Employment Tribunal Claims and Protect Your Business   


Course Details 

This course will provide you with an overview of the processes to follow to conduct disciplinary and grievance meetings in order to minimise the risk of Employment Tribunal claims. We can help you develop an approach to managing HR which enables you to make robust decisions whilst also protecting your business against the risk of Employment Tribunal claims.

The material covered is suitable for those who are new to HR but can also provide a useful refresher and overview of the correct procedures to be followed. In the ever changing world of employment law there are always lessons to be learnt and this course will enable the attendee to benchmark their own organisation against the relevant legal tests and ensure that their business is compliant whilst also increasing confidence when making HR decisions. 

How to Book

If you are interested in speaking to one of our employment law specialists about us designing and delivering an in-house training course for your business, or to receive information about one of our future employment law training courses or events, please email Jasmin Bice