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The Official Translation of the Fe de Vida

Sep 28, 2017
In Spain, the Fe de Vida is the document issued by the Civil Registry which confirms that a person is alive. A person may need to prove that he/she is alive to claim a pension or get married. If the document is issued in Spain but needs to be submitted to the UK, an official translation into English of the document will be required.

The Fe de Vida is a document which represents the differences between the UK and Spain regarding issuing documents very well. The equivalent of the Fe de Vida in the UK is issued by a Notary Public who has to see the person who needs the document to confirm that this is person is alive. If this notarised certificate has to be submitted to Spain because the holder is claiming a pension in Spain, for example, an official translation into Spanish will also be requested.

If the holder of the Fe de Vida needs the document for the UK, he/she will need to apply for the document from the relevant Spanish Civil Registry, not from a Notary. 

Official Translators are expert in the terminology used in the aforesaid documents and the differences and similarities between the two legal systems involved (Spanish and English in this case), therefore they will produce accurate official translations to be accepted by the British and Spanish Authorities.

Dalila Segador

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