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Poor Quality Reporting Hampering Efforts To Reduce Medical Negligence

Sep 22, 2017
A worrying new report has concluded that poor quality reporting has hampered efforts to reduce medical negligence leading to cerebral palsy or brain injuries.

Analysis of 50 claims occurring between 2012 and 2016 by NHS Resolution found the numbers of patients born with these conditions has remained static partly because lessons have not been learned.

The claims have a potential liability of more than £390m, not including the defence costs and wider healthcare costs.

The review by NHS Resolution, which has succeeded NHS Litigation Authority as the body responsible for handling claims, found evidence that poor quality serious incident investigations at a local level after negligence in maternity care.

The patient and family were involved in only 40% of investigations, and an external reviewer was brought in to analyse mistakes in just 4% of cases.

At Nockolds, we have seen the devastating impact of cerebral palsy and brain injuries.
In one case, a delay in delivery caused the claimant to develop cerebral palsy. After an investigation taking four years, the defendants eventually admitted liability. The claimant now lives a happy and fulfilled life in a specially adapted home having benefited from a rehabilitation package including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech language therapy.

In another case, a mother whose baby was suffering from reduced movement was kept waiting over five hours for an emergency caesarean section. As a result, her baby was born severely distressed and suffered hypoxic brain injury. The claim was heavily contested by the hospital authority but, shortly before trial, it was successfully settled.

 At every opportunity, we work with some of the most experienced medical experts in the world to ensure the full extent of the injury is understood and the best possible further treatment recommendations are considered.

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