Public Consultation on the Revision of the Vehicle General Safety Regulation and the Pedestrian Safety Regulation

Aug 03, 2017

A European Commission consultation has opened and seeks views on proposed improvements to vehicle safety measures. There are 19 specific vehicle safety measures under consideration for the possible update of Regulation 661/2009 (General Safety Regulation) and Regulation 78/2009 (Pedestrian Safety Regulation) including accident avoidance measures, general safety measures, measures for trucks, trailers and buses, and protections for pedestrian and cyclist safety. 

In general terms, the number of road fatalities in the EU has fallen over the last few decades but progress in recent years has stalled. The European Commission is now considering whether the safety elements of the General Safety and Pedestrian Safety Regulations should be updated to lower the number of road fatalities and severe injuries. 

The Commission is considering safety measures in a number of areas including the introduction of new mandatory equipment such as autonomous emergency braking and pedestrian and cyclist forward detection. In respect of LGV/HGV vehicles the proposed measures include:

  • Front-end design and direct vision - to protect pedestrians and cyclists involved in collisions, via blind spot camera/monitoring systems paired with detection capability of pedestrians and cyclists around the cab, to the introduction of requirements covering the direct vision of the driver. 
  • Truck and trailer rear underrun protection (rear bumper) – Upgrading of the required bumper strength to prevent passenger cars from sliding under the rear end of trucks and trailers 
  • Truck lateral protection (side guards) - significant reduction of exemptions that are currently permitted, notably for off-road vehicles

Individuals, organisations and companies can contribute to this consultation until 22 October 2017, here.

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