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New Report Points to Deeply Worrying Trend

Jul 25, 2017
While the UK is one of the safest countries to give birth, unfortunately, serious incidents can and do occur. 

Each year, between 500 and 800 babies die or are left with severe brain injury because something goes wrong during labour. According to a new report by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) , in many of these cases, poor care is responsible.

The report, produced by the RCOG’s Each Baby Counts programme has found that three-quarters of serious incidents during labour could be prevented if different care were given.

RCOG looked into the care of 1,136 babies born in the UK in 2015 (the most recent figures available). 126 of these were stillborn, 156 died within the first seven days after birth and 854 babies suffered a severe brain injury.

More than 700 of these cases were thoroughly investigated and conclusions were drawn about the quality of care provided. In 76% of those studied, at least one Each Baby Counts reviewer concluded that the baby might have had a different outcome with different care.

Worryingly, parallels can be drawn between RCOG’s report and NHS Resolution’s Annual Report, which highlighted that errors during childbirth accounted for more than 50% of the value of claims against the NHS.

All the evidence points towards an increase in the number of birth injuries caused by medical negligence. It is a trend we simply cannot allow to continue.

Yasmin Ameer

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