The Official Translation of the Shares Transfer Certificate

Jul 19, 2017

The official translation of the share transfer certificate into Spanish may be needed if the spouses are going to get divorced in the UK but they own a property in Spain and the property is in the name of a company. The spouses may be the directors of the company. The Consent Order will order how the property and shares of the company are to be distributed between the spouses. An official translation into Spanish of the Consent Order will also have to be submitted.

This English document is very different from the Spanish equivalent. In Spain, the parties will have to sign a Deed before a Notary. In the UK, the transferor will sign the Certificate which will indicate:

  • The particulars of the Transferor
  • The particulars of the person to whom the securities are to be transferred
  • The number or amount of shares

The Transferor is the only party to sign the Certificate and this does not need to be sign before a Notary. 

The official translator will use the right legal terminology to explain the differences between the English and Spanish legal systems and will take into account that the document translated is very different from its equivalent in Spain which is a more complex document.

The official translator will produce an accurate translation to be accepted by the Spanish authorities.

Dalila Segador

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Dalila Segador

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