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Improvised 'Cure' for Sepsis is Promising but Large-Scale Trials are Now Needed

Mar 28, 2017
A doctor in America claims to have found his own cure for sepsis. Critical care specialist Paul Marik says the simple treatment, an injected infusion of vitamin C and steroids, has had a remarkable effect on patients with the potentially deadly condition.
Sepsis, a rare but serious medical complication that can lead to shock and multiple organ failure, is said to kill 44,000 people every year in Britain. It can occur when the body’s response to an infection damages organs and tissues and is sometimes referred to as blood poisoning - but this is inaccurate as the condition can affect multiple organs or the entire body without infecting the blood.
Dr Marik first tried the improvised treatment, a vitamin C injection mixed with a low dose of steroids and another vitamin, thiamine, in January 2016. Since then, he has used it to treat 150 sepsis patients. Just one has died of the condition, claims Dr Marik, who has written up the results of the first 47 patients he treated in a new study published in the journal Chest.
Although this is an encouraging development, results from small-scale, non-rigorous studies such as Dr Marik’s often do not hold out in larger population groups so caution is necessary.
Ron Daniels, CEO of the UK Sepsis Trust, told The Independent that if further research did show the treatment was effective, it could potentially 'pave the way for future hospital therapies' because the ingredients were cheap and accessible, but also emphasised the need for large-scale trials.

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