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Notarial Authentication for Companies

Mar 13, 2017
A Notary Public is a specialist lawyer who can witness or certify documents for use in foreign countries. By virtue of the Notary’s signature and official seal, authorities in other countries will be assured that the relevant checks have been carried out. Notaries are internationally recognised as qualified to administer oaths and declarations, authenticate signatures, certify copies of documents, attend to legalisation both under the apostille procedure and to undertake many other notarial acts requiring impartiality, integrity and accuracy. My seal and signature of office carry worldwide recognition within other legal jurisdictions.

Companies based in the United Kingdom may find themselves being asked to provide copies of official company documents, or evidence of their registration with Companies House, particularly when doing business abroad. Overseas commercial registries, government authorities and financial institutions are just a few examples of entities which might have such requirements. Thereafter, companies will invariably change their names or increase their authorised share capital and so on. Each of these changes must be reflected by a resolution (or equivalent procedure) to be duly filed at Companies House. It may then be necessary for you to update any relevant overseas authorities also.

Almost invariably, a simple copy document from Companies House will not suffice. Those requiring such documentation in overseas jurisdictions will normally insist upon it being certified by a notary public and/or legalised by ’apostille’ issued by the Legalisation Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). For certain countries, additional legalisation at the relevant Consulate or Diplomatic Mission may also be required. In each of these scenarios Nockolds’ Notaries Public will be able to assist.

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