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Facebook and the Family Law Courts

Mar 08, 2017
The rules and procedures of the English court system are sometimes criticised by some as being ‘behind the times'. Often, the rules say that documents must be sent by post, despite there now being a multitude of means of communication that was not available when the rules were written. 

Some Judges have been stereotyped as being ‘out of touch’ with the modern world, but in a recent family law case a Judge criticised the way that the benefits of social media are being ignored. The judge commented that the rules had not really changed in 45 years, and that other means of communication should be looked at. 

This case involved an adoption opposed by the birth father, where the birth mother had not been notified of the application. The Judge felt that efforts should have been made to use social media platforms, such as Facebook, to let the birth mother know what was happening. In other cases, the court has ordered notification by text.

In many cases it can be difficult to track down the other party at the start of a case, but it is clear that the court is now expecting a range of efforts to be made, rather than the traditional posting of documents to the last known address. 

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