Official Translation of Spanish Summons

Feb 06, 2017

(A writ of) Summons is a document issued by the Spanish Court and by which the concerned person is required to appear in court. An official translation of this document into English will be needed if the recipient is British and does not understand Spanish. The summons will confirm the following information:

  • The name of the court and its contact details
  • Type of proceedings and case number
  • Name of the Claimant
  • Name of the Claimant’s procurador [legal representative in Court] and lawyer
  • Name of the Defendant
  • Name of the Defendant’s procurador and lawyer

In the Summons, the Judge within the proceedings call the parties concerned to appear in court, and witnesses and expert witnesses for the prosecution of the offences.

The people concerned are summoned to appear on an indicated date before the court by means of the writ of summons. This document is signed by the Court Clerk.

The Spanish legal system is very different from the English legal system. Many of the concepts included in the Summons will be unfamiliar for a British citizen. Official translators have to be familiar with the two legal systems involved and master their legal terminology to produce accurate translations.

Dalila Segador

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