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Civil Mediation Learns from Family Mediation

Jan 06, 2017
Two days ago Eileen Pereira was appointed new head of the Civil Mediation Council, the main organisation for civil mediators. Significantly, she comes from a background of family mediation, showing the increasingly strong relationship between civil and family mediation, and that civil mediation is seeking to learn from the way family mediation has developed and become part of the structure of the legal process.  

Our mediator, Zen Thompson, is both a civil mediator and family mediator, and is a member of both the Civil Mediation Council and the Family Mediation Council, with accredited mediator status through the Law Society.

If you would like more information about civil mediation or family mediation, please contact Zen Thompson on 01279 755 777 or

Zen Thompson

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Zen Thompson

Zen joined Nockolds in 2015 and is a Senior Associate Solicitor and Mediator in our Family Team. Zen has specialised in family cases in Hertfordshire ...

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