Official Translation of Spanish Criminal Judgments

Dec 16, 2016

The official translation into English of a Spanish judgment in criminal matters will be necessary if the judgment has to be enforced in the UK. Spanish judgments are quite different from English judgments. The Spanish judgment states the following information:


  • Court which passes the judgment
  • Type of judgment
  • Name of judge
  • Names of parties 
  • Subject matter of the trial 
  • Place and date of trial
  • Place and date of judgment

Facts in issue

  • Description of the previous stages of proceedings
  • Summary of facts
  • Decision by the Court of First Instance
  • Grounds put forward by the parties

Legal grounds

  • Examination by the court of the parties’ claims
  • Examination of the legal grounds
  • Relevant legislation
  • Justification of the court’s decision


  • Exposition of the court’s final decision
  • Grounds for the decision

The Spanish and English legal systems are very different and these differences are obvious in the legal documents produced. Official translators are experts in the legal terminology and the two legal systems involved (Spanish and English in this case) and therefore they will produce accurate official translations. 

Dalila Segador

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Dalila Segador

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