Using Mediation to Resolve Disputes

Nov 23, 2016
The Chinese philosopher, Confucious, (551-479 BCE) established it is best to resolve disputes through mutual agreement rather than coercion. In China and parts of Asia, modern businesses strongly favour mediation over litigation. People throughout Asia regard litigation as a ‘loss of face’, a huge difference in opinion to the western world. In other non western countries, mediation is seen as a preferable method to resolving disputes because they fear judges may make the wrong decisions and litigation involves disclosing private matters in public.

In all areas of our society, despite our best efforts tension arises which may lead to discord and negative conflict. If this conflict is not managed properly it can fester, and escalate into complaints. Complaints are an inherent part of all business sectors. Fear, anxiety, bereavement and upset are often factors in complaints faced by all business professionals. Organisations are under increasing pressure to be productive and to deliver quality service to clients. 

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