Official Translation of a Deed of Appointment

Nov 01, 2016

A Deed of Appointment is a document executed in relation to a trust under a Will.
The relevant parties such as the trustees or beneficiaries will sign the Deed. 

The Deed will indicate:

  1. The relevant background referring to:
    a. The date of the Will
    b. The date of decease
    c. Whether or not a Grant of Probate has been applied for. 
    d. The trustees and executors
    e. The beneficiaries
  2. Operative terms which will include:
    a. The relevant Definitions
    b. Exercise of the powers granted

An official translation into Spanish of the Deed of Appointment may be necessary if the deceased had assets in Spain. The official translation into Spanish of the English Will must also be submitted to the relevant Spanish authorities and bodies such as the notary, registry and the bank. If the deceased passed away in the UK, the death certificate in English must be officially translated into Spanish. 

There is not equivalent of the Deed of Appointment in Spain. Official translators are experts in the similarities and differences between the two legal systems involved (in this case English and Spanish); therefore an official translator will produce an accurate translation to be accepted by the Spanish authorities. In Spain, only official translators appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation are authorised to produce official translations.

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