Reports on Investment in Start Ups in Positive Upward Trend

Oct 12, 2016
Europe’s leading start up accelerator, Seedfund, has recently revealed that it has got back almost double the amount of capital that it had invested. 

Various companies have taken advantage of the funding, and successful products backed by Seedfund include household names such as GoPro. All companies invested in have reached different stages of the business cycle, with growth being the main strategy to exiting through sales. 

For more information on this please read the Financial Times article.

This is all fantastic news for start ups. They really are the forefront of investors minds, and market trends show no sign of slowing to those with great business ideas and the uptake of investors willing to take a punt on your business idea. More than ever, it’s a fantastic time to be a start up.

Of course, the risks still seem very apparent, with many start ups failing. Exact statistics of fail rates varies between commentators, with Forbes saying that as many as nine out of 10 start ups fail. However, it's clear that it’s a more acceptable, accessible and attractive way of working for many who start up their own business. Others report that such stats are just myths as the market trend grows. 

What is important is getting the right advice, team and support behind you when you get started. For more information and to find out how we can help you, please contact a member of our Business Law Team on 01279 755777.

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