National Mediation Awareness Week - 8th to 14th October

Oct 10, 2016

October 8th to 14th is National Mediation Awareness Week! Often not considered as a first choice, mediation can offer a quick, cost effective, and highly successful method of resolving conflict.

Family disputes in particular benefit from mediation as parties are more likely to come to an amicable conclusion from which relationships can continue in spite of past disagreements. This is important, especially when children are involved. Divorce or separation can have a negative impact on the children of the family, but seeing their parents behave respectfully throughout the mediation process can be a positive and encouraging factor for them. 

Any dispute that arises from the breakdown of a family relationship can be addressed and resolved through mediation. Just as would be expected through a court process, issues with regards to finance or property are discussed. The difference is, mediation will allow the parties to have an active role in the decision making process. They will have control of the outcome and avoid a court imposed order which may not suit the parties or their children.

While court proceedings can be dragged out over a number of months or in some cases years, mediation is resolved much more quickly. The average mediated case takes around 110 days to be completed – representing a major saving in both time and money. 

Not only does mediation allow parties the chance to air their grievances and express their views harmoniously, it saves them from spiralling legal costs, wasted time and damaged relationships. 

If you are going through a dispute, whether it is family related or not, please contact our mediator Zen Thompson to discuss if mediation could be of assistance in your situation. 

Zen Thompson

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Zen Thompson

Zen joined Nockolds in 2015 and is a Senior Associate Solicitor and Mediator in our Family Team. Zen has specialised in family cases in Hertfordshire ...

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