The Rise of the Hamdog

Sep 26, 2016
The hamburger and the hotdog have become iconic features of our food culture, becoming firmly integrated into our society. But what about the lesser known Hamdog? A recent invention of the hybrid hamburger and hotdog has been put into business. Interestingly the owner, Mark Murray from Australia, had registered its trademark shape some time ago, but had only been able to finance it enough to put it into production only very recently, creating a storm amongst the foodie world. 

Its ever the reminder that trade marks are everywhere. On the products you eat, to the images you see on adverts. They have been and will always be a firm favourite for companies and businesses to highlight their status as a brand, as well as prompt people to recognise certain products, denoting trust and power in the market place to consumers. That is why, if you have an idea, and you are keen to protect yet promote it, the correct registrations and advice needs to be sought, in order to help you or your business protect its brand. 

Its important to remember to seek advice with trusted advisors at the earliest opportunity. Should you have any queries about registering a trade mark, do get in touch with the Business Law team today. 

Nicola Lucas

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