Official Translations of Commercial Documents

Sep 26, 2016
In today’s globalising world, many British companies may need to open an office or be the holder of a bank account in Spain. Several documents are required to be submitted to the Spanish Authorities to open an office or bank account in Spain. 

The company will also need to submit the official translations into Spanish of the Deed of Incorporation, Articles and Memorandum of Association. These documents are very different from their equivalents in Spanish. Furthermore, there are also important differences between the types of companies in England and Wales and Spain.

The official translation of a Certificate of Good Standing may also be necessary. There is not a similar document in Spain therefore the official translator will have to produce an accurate translation of a document without an exact equivalent in the Spanish legal system. 

In some cases, the official translation of the notarial certificate, confirming the relevant particulars of the company, may be sufficient. This notarial certificate will confirm the name of the Directors of the company, for example. The equivalence between the roles of the officers in English and Spanish is not straightforward and therefore these differences must be taken into account to produce an accurate translation.

In Spain only official translators can produce official translations, which are the translations of documents which need to serve as legally valid instruments. Official translators are experts in translations of legal and commercial documents and very familiar with the two legal systems involved, in this case English and Spanish. Official translators act as Notaries or Commissioners of Oaths when producing official translations.
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