Official Translation of Criminal Records

Sep 21, 2016
Many Spanish citizens come to the UK for work purposes. Many of them will need a certificate to confirm whether or not they have any criminal record. The official translation into English of the certificate has to be submitted as well. Equally British citizens living in Spain may need to submit a Criminal Record Certificate and its official translation in Spanish. 

There are important differences between the certificate in Spanish and the certificate in English.

In Spain, the Criminal Record Certificate is issued by the Ministry of Justice.

In accordance with the Council Framework Decision 2009/315/JHA this certificate will include the convictions handed down by other Member States of the European Union. 
The convictions handed down in other Member States may not be considered equal to the national convictions. 

The English certificate is a ‘police certificate’ issued by the ACRO Criminal Records Office for immigration purposes. This ‘police certificate’ confirms more personal information than the Spanish certificate. For example, it states the date and place of birth and the address of the holder. However it does not make any specific reference to the Decision and the convictions handed over by other Member States. 

Official translators are experts in Comparative Law and very familiar with the legal systems involved, therefore they will produce accurate translations to be accepted by the Spanish or British Authorities.

Dalila Segador

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