Uber Threatens to Challenge Recent Decision

Sep 14, 2016
Earlier this month Uber announced that it was seeking to legally challenge new rules brought in by TFL asking for all its private-hire drivers to prove their language skills from October as well as a change in rules about its mobile app. The English test includes reading, writing and listening skills.  

Uber is a mobile app that has taken the UK by storm since its launch, as well as performing very well in other countries around the world. It allows people to locate a taxi near to them, get a price and book a cab, usually just minutes away. This has changed the traditional taxi firm route, and allowed many people to operate independently. On the other hand, the traditional route of learning to be a black cab driver is clearly under some threat. 

For the time being, it’s the threat of legal action that has caused media interest. Whether a case will be brought by Uber is another story. What is clearly significant is that developing apps and ideas has its own set of unique challenges while the local market place or councils and other regulatory bodies get to grips with the ever changing landscape of society. Make sure you take advice today on your app development to try plan on where any difficulties may arise. 

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