Has Facebook ‘Ad’ it?

Aug 12, 2016
Facebook has confirmed that Adblock Plus will not be blocking any advertisements due to some tweaks, but it seems, only for now. A new app, Adblocker Plus, allows users to view online content without the ads – of which Facebook makes almost all its revenue from.

It seems that Facebook and Adblock have been playing cat and mouse over the past week to find out ways in which to go around each others changes, therefore allowing, or disallowing adverts. Some would say this is the first commercial digital game of cat and mouse.

Adblock Plus has a controversial model which is of a sophisticated nature. It is able to stop adverts in videos and get rid of advertising on web pages. However, what is not known is that the company has a ‘whitelist’, that is adverts that will not be blocked. To not be blocked, you have to pay to ensure your adverts are not caught in its advert blocking technology. Hints of technological extortion has been murmured by critics and its understandable how that could be considered the case. Adblockers view instead is that it is trying to ensure a good service for its customers by regulating advertising online as consumers are constantly inundated.

Facebook has since confirmed it will not be paying to be on Adblocker’s whitelist. It does mean of course it will have to constantly develop and understand what its ‘enemies’ or threats are trying to achieve, in order to stay ahead of the game with advertising. 

Technological disputes are becoming more and more common these days as the importance of technology grows. It will certainly be interesting digital battle of David and Goliath, but who will win, is difficult to tell. Take a look at this BBC News article for more information.

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