Can I Object to the Parking of Commercial Vehicles in My Street?

Jun 30, 2016

Parking is a common source of tension between neighbours. However it can be particularly frustrating where limited residential parking spaces are taken up by larger commercial vehicles. 

Generally authorities will advise residents that there is no action that can be taken where a commercial vehicle is parked safely, is property taxed, insured and has an appropriate MOT test. However there are some specific rules that affect larger vehicles:   

  • Goods vehicles over 2.5 tonnes are prohibited from parking on roads during the ‘hours of darkness’ unless their side and rear lights are lit. They must also be parked on the nearside of the road. Failing to comply is an offence and would be grounds for police enforcement.
  • Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes usually require an 'Operators Licence' to be held. The licence regulates the usage of the vehicle and specifies the normal depot from which that vehicle should be operated from and stored at when not in use. Failure to abide by the terms of the licence can result in it being revoked by the Traffic Commissioner.     
  • Goods vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are prohibited from parking on verges, footpaths or the central reservations of roads as to do is a fixed penalty offence although specific exceptions include loading and unloading in specified circumstances and parking in an emergency to save life. 

In the first instance aggrieved residents may be best advised to contact the company who is operating the vehicle to raise concerns regarding any of the above infringements.  


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