Official Translations: Brexit's Implications

Jun 27, 2016

The European Parliament approved Regulation (EU) no. 1024/2012. This Regulation stated that some public documents drawn up in multilingual standard forms and issued by any Member Estate may be used within other Member Estates without being officially translated in some cases.

Examples of these public documents are:

  • Civil status records such as birth, death and marriage certificates
  • Documents related to residence, citizenship and nationality 
  • Documents related to real property
  • Documents related to legal status and representation of a company
  • Documents related to intellectual property rights
  • Documents which proved the absence of a criminal record

As a consequence of Brexit, it is more important than ever than an official translation of an English document to be used within Member Estates is submitted. This may also apply to Spanish document to be used in the UK. The reason for this is that official translations are the translations of documents which need to serve as legally valid instruments. Only official translators are authorised to produce official translations, thus granting the required official status to the translation.

Dalila Segador

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Dalila Segador

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