Road Transport Consultation Opened by the European Commission

Jun 20, 2016
The European Commission has opened a public consultation on their review of Regulation 1071/2009 and Regulation 1072/2009. The consultation invites those involved in road transport operations to provide their views via an online questionnaire by 15 September 2016.

Regulation 1071/2009 (also known as the ‘admission to the occupation regulation’) outlines the rules on operator licensing and applies to Traffic Commissioners, operators and transport managers. 

Regulation 1072/2009 lays down rules affecting organisations that operate on the international road haulage market and national markets other than their own (cabotage). It also governs the framework for the sanctioning of infringements and cooperation between Member States.

The general objective of both regulations was to ensure fair competition between resident and non-resident hauliers, to reduce administrative burdens on operators and to achieve simplification and uniformity of the rules to improve their enforceability.

However previous research conducted by the European Commission in 2014 highlighted the continuing presence of letterbox companies, differing national interpretations of the rules (including rules on cabotage) and uneven monitoring and enforcement action. 

The consultation is intended to assist the Commission to evaluate whether intervention and reform is required.

Further details on how to participate in the consultation can be found here.

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