Nockolds Supports 'Can the Spam' Campaign

Jun 01, 2016
Nockolds is accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, and this important organisation represents the interests of those injured and also helps them to make informed decisions about compensation claims. When I talk to people about what I do, many quote headlines referring to running after ambulances and complain about cold calls offering thousands of pounds.

Like the other accredited APIL experts, it is important that we explain the importance of injury claims to individuals who suffer catastrophic injuries and to society in terms of improving safety and caring for those who would otherwise need state funding and support. APIL experts will listen to what has happened and give honest advice on whether an individual has a legal right to compensation. Where an accident is just that, I will explain why there is no entitlement to compensation.

Crucially, trusted and experienced lawyers are key in ensuring this area of the law does what it is supposed to do – protect those who have been hurt or ‘damaged’ through carelessness or an action that breaks the law. While we can all show dismay at the ridiculous headlines, the story is very different when you or a family member are personally involved.

I also strongly believe that as trusted advisors, we have a duty to help stop the unwanted and unscrupulous practices of those who see injury claims as a commodity. APIL has launched as ‘Can the Spam’ campaign which encourages people who are hounded by unwanted calls and texts about personal injury to report the details to APIL’s Can the Spam Facebook page and Twitter accounts. By gathering this evidence, and reporting these calls to the Information Commissioner, we can see these companies fined and build the case for the banning of these activities. In May 2016 one claims company was fined £250,000 for making 17.5million cold calls. It is important that those who need advice can find and access specialist solicitors, but by offering the chance to talk through what has happened, get advice and discuss what no win no fee means, everyone can do so by contacting local and trusted firms.

For further information on APIL's 'Can the Spam' campaign, please click here.

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