Official Translation of Nota Simple

May 24, 2016

The nota simple is a certificate issued by the Spanish land registries.
This document confirms the registration particulars of the property. These could include:

  • IDUFIR which is the property identification number
  • Location
  • Area
  • Boundaries
  • Legal Owners
  • Charges and Encumbrances
  • Easements

An official translation of the nota simple into English may be necessary to prove the ownership of the property in divorce, probate or litigation matters in the UK.

The nota simple indicates certain concepts which may not have equivalents in English; It may state the financial regime which regulates the marriage and under which the property was bought if the owners are married. The nota simple may also set out information related to the Spanish catastro, the Spanish Register for graphical measure which is different from the Land Registry.

Therefore it is very important that an official translator who is an expert in legal terminology produces the translation. The official translator is also familiar with the two legal systems involved (Spanish and English).

Dalila Segador

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Dalila Segador

Dalila joined Nockolds in 2005 and is a Legal and Official Translator in our International Team. Before joining the firm, Dalila graduated with a master’s degree ...

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