Official Translation of Spanish Deed of Distribution and Acceptance of Inheritance

Apr 05, 2016

The beneficiaries of assets in Spain, or their representatives, have to sign a document called Escritura de Adjudicación y Aceptación de la Herencia, Deed of Distribution and Acceptance of Inheritance. This Deed is signed before a Notary. By virtue of this Deed, the beneficiaries accept the inheritance in Spain.

This document will confirm:

  • The particulars of the deceased
  • The particulars of the beneficiaries
  • A description of the assets in Spain and their value

The relevant documents such as the death certificate, Grant of Probate, Will, Spanish property and bank account particulars will be enclosed with the Deed. 

This Deed is a very complex legal document. There is not an equivalent of this document in the English legal system. However its official translation into Spanish may be needed to prove that the Spanish probate of a British citizen has been dealt with.

An official translator is very familiar with the two legal systems involved (Spanish and English) and therefore the translator will produce a legal translation to be accepted by the British authorities. 


Dalila Segador

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Dalila Segador

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