When is a Child No Longer a Child?

Mar 14, 2016
There are a variety of stages in a young person’s life when they start to have autonomy and are able to make their own decisions. It is often difficult for parents to know when to step back and how long they feel the need to remain involved in all parts of their child’s life. The court is becoming increasingly keen for children and young adults to have a say, particularly when decisions are being made about their care.

An issue has come up recently about when a young person can have privacy and self-determination from their parents in relation to medical information and decision. In the case of PD v SD & Anor, a court gave the power to a 16 year old who no longer wished his parents to be involved in his life and did not wish them to receive any information about his day-to-day life, nor about any possible medical treatment he might have. You can see the case in full here.

If you have some questions and need information on how this may impact on your situation, please contact our child law expert Zen Thompson by email or call 01279 755777.

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