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Official Translation of a Deed of Change of Name (Deed Poll)

Feb 24, 2016

Very often, official translators have to translate an English Deed of Change of Name (Deed Poll) into Spanish.

The person who signs this document renounces the use of his/her former name and assumes a new name. 

An official translation of the English Deed Poll into Spanish will be necessary, for example:

  • If a British citizen is a beneficiary of an English Will disposing of assets in Spain and is mentioned with the former name in the Will or 
  • If a British citizen is selling a property in Spain but the property is registered in the former name.

There is not an equivalent document of the Deed Poll in Spain. In general, the change of name in Spain is a more complex process.

An official translation of the Deed Poll will have to be submitted together with the original document to the Spanish Authorities to prove the change of name.

Dalila Segador

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Dalila Segador

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