NHS ‘Never Events’ Affect Over 1,100 Patients in the Last 4 Years

Feb 19, 2016
Data published by the NHS has revealed that there were over 1,100 ‘never events’ within the NHS in England during the past four years. A 'never event' is an error or mistake that should ‘never’ occur.

These medical mistakes involve operating on the area of the body, removal of the organ or body part and even, on occasions, instruments and other foreign objects being left within the body during surgery. These events are some of the most serious incidents of errors by the NHS and are clearly avoidable mistakes. Whilst they account for approximately 1 in every 20,000 procedures, they have a serious impact on patients both physically and psychologically. NHS England has reiterated that one ‘never event’ is one too many. 

The Patients Association, an independent charity speaking on behalf of patients, agrees and importantly points out that the NHS must learn from these mistakes and ensure more stringent checks are in place and sufficient staff and training to prevent them recurring in the future. Most patients who pursue compensation claims for clinical negligence want to know that lessons have been learnt and another patient will not go through the same ordeal. 

Not all issues and complaints dealt with by Nockolds Medical Negligence Team involve such blatant and obvious mistakes, and our Team frequently help patients to obtain answers and explanations when they are concerned about the standard of care received. 

Jennie Jones

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