Being Vigilant about Risks of Fraud

Jan 07, 2016

There has been much media attention lately about computer hackers intercepting e-mails between clients and solicitors.

Fraudsters have sent e-mails, purportedly from solicitors, telling clients that the firm’s bank account has changed. In doing so, they have duped clients into transferring funds to the fraudster. The most serious scams have seen homebuyers losing deposits and, in some devastating cases, even the full amount for their house purchase.

So what can you and your solicitors do to avoid this scam?

  1. Nockolds will never simply send an e-mail to you confirming that we have changed our bank account.  
  2. If you receive an e-mail from Nockolds, or any other solicitor, telling you that their bank account has changed, contact the firm immediately. Do not rely on the telephone number contained in the e-mail message, since this may simply connect you to the fraudster!
  3. Until you are satisfied that the e-mail is genuine, do not transfer any funds. This is sensible advice in respect of any business conducted on-line.
  4. Finally, we will not accept changes of bank details by email from clients and will require additional verification of such instructions. 

Please do remember that e-mail technology carries some inherent risks, potential breaches of security being one of these. Make sure that you have the most up to date security software and always treat unexpected e-mails about transfers of funds with caution.

If you have any concerns in this regard please contact our Client Care Manager, Jayne Kendrick-Jones at 01279 712535.

Darren Hayward

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