Official Translation of Marriage Articles

Dec 15, 2015

The demand for official translations of English and Spanish divorce documents continues to grow as a result of British citizens getting divorced and having assets in Spain or living and getting divorced in Spain. Equally, Spanish citizens may also get divorced in the UK if they are living there.

If the spouses got married in Spain but they are getting divorced in the UK they may need the official translation into English of the Marriage Articles, Capitulaciones Matrimoniales.

The Marriage Articles will indicate which financial regimen will regulate the marriage and therefore this arrangement has to be taken into account if the spouses decide to get divorced. The financial regimens can mainly be:

  • The financial regimen of separate ownership of matrimonial assets, régimen de separación de bienes. Under this financial regime, property owned and income earned both before and after marriage belongs to each spouse individually; or
  • The financial regimen of joint ownership of matrimonial assets, régimen de bienes gananciales. Under this financial regime, all property and income that accrues to the marriage partnership following marriage, except by way of inheritance, is jointly owned by both spouses.

Dalila Segador

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