Doctors Required to Report Unfit Drivers to the DVLA

Nov 30, 2015
New draft guidance from the General Medical Council (GMC) strengthens advice to doctors regarding their duty to disclose information to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), where a patient is medically unfit to drive.

The revised guidance provides that if a patient poses a risk of serious harm to the public by continuing to drive when they are not fit to do so, the doctor should contact the DVLA even if they do not have the patient’s consent to make such a disclosure.

The guidance also emphasises that when they diagnose a patient’s condition, or provide treatment, doctors should keep the patient’s ability to drive safely at the forefront of their minds.

The DVLA have wide ranging powers to revoke driving licences for medical reasons.

Affected drivers are able to appeal against the DVLA’s decision through making written representations in the first instance or by an appeal to the Magistrates Court. 

If your licence has been revoked by the DVLA we can advise you about your rights to challenge the decision and reinstate your driving licence.

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