Police Commissioner May Permanently Turn on Speed Cameras

Nov 06, 2015
Over the last few days various newspapers have reported the controversial plans by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire. 

PCC Olly Martins has said that the Bedfordshire police are facing serious budgetary constraints due to a lack of government funding. He has told a Home Office Select
Committee that the situation is so desperate that Bedfordshire police may need to permanently activate speed cameras between the M1's Junction 10 and 13 in an effort to create further revenue to fund police commitments. 

The Commissioner said that unless the force is given sufficient funding he will use his powers to permanently turn on the variable speed cameras. At present the cameras are only activated when speed restrictions are in force.  

Motorists who are caught speeding are likely to be forced to pay substantial fines as well as having penalty points added to their driving licences.  

Various road safety campaigners have condemned the plans. Claire Armstrong, co-founder of Safe Speed, was quoted by The Telegraph to have said: “When the attitude of the police is to enforce on the basis of funding their force, then we have lost all sight of road safety.”

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