Shared Parental Leave and Working Grandparents

Oct 30, 2015
Following the Labour Party’s suggestion of allowing Grandparents Parental Leave, Chancellor George Osborne has now announced that shared parental leave and pay will be extended to working grandparents by 2018. 

The move acknowledges the increasing role now played by grandparents in providing childcare and is intended to provide greater flexibility and support to working parents in light of the fact that, according to the Treasury, grandparents may be contributing as much as £8 billion per year to bridge the gap. 

It is estimated that some seven million grandparents are involved in childcare. It is an issue that will become more prevalent as people continue to work past the retirement age whilst balancing family obligations such as childcare. The government will consult on the details of new legislation in early 2016, with new legislation intended to be in force by 2018. 

Gary Smith

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