TalkTalk Yourself Out of That One

Oct 28, 2015
Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly more common as people with motives start to target high profile organisations in order to steal customer data. The news of TalkTalk hitting the headlines last week is a prime example of that. With this in mind, it is worth turning to your own websites and online services to assess where you are with security, as hacking has serious data protection implications that could leave you and your business exposed. It is not only the large companies that get attacked. 

By TalkTalk’s example, if a data breach occurs, they acted very quickly. While you are not obliged to report it to the Information Commission (ICO) they are the main organisation that deals with these requests and could be useful during such a breach taking place. They are the main governing body that handles, governs and helps protect data and also have the power to sanction companies or individuals that breach data protection law. TalkTalk was also seen to let their customers know and the police know as soon as possible, which was clearly positive than leaving people in the dark as to the extent of the breach. 

It is important to remember that the data you collect, even on the internet, is susceptible to attacks and it is difficult to ensure 100% security in collecting the data. However, a plan in place was clearly to TalkTalk’s advantage. 

Case law on what compensation those are entitled to if they are subject is currently undergoing some change and it may not be clear for some time whether victims of data protection breaches can claim compensation. However in order to protect yourself in the future, consider whether you are doing enough to prevent an attack, and if an attack happens, would you know how to respond? 

If you have questions on your obligations for data protection, do not hesitate to contact Nicola Lucas or a member of our Business Law Team on 01279 755777. 

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