Notarial Services for International Business

Oct 05, 2015
Seeing a notary is often essential if you want to validate your business or personal documents for international use. Depending on the target country, you may need notarisation, an apostille, FCO Certificate or legalisation.

The specialised knowledge gained by Notaries from their training and practical experience is invaluable when dealing with documents relating to overseas transactions or litigation.

Notaries are by far the oldest branch of the legal profession in this country. The work of the English Notary has been almost exclusively dedicated to the preparation and authentication of deeds and other documents for use abroad. The English Notary intervenes not when this is required by domestic law as is the case in most countries, but when it is required by the laws and procedural rules of the jurisdiction in which the document is to take effect.

Our Notaries Public are able to authenticate documents for use overseas. Their experience enables them to help and advise clients on the requirements of the receiving country for the proper execution of the document. Our Notaries' work on the assumption that deadlines are tight and aims to react to her clients’ instructions within the shortest time possible.

Nockolds’ Notaries Public have been certifying documents for use all over the world for decades. As Notaries, we act as an interface between English law and the laws and procedures of the foreign country, thus enabling ready recognition of the deeds and documents of their clients abroad.

We issue notarial certificates on many aspects of corporate law, acting for banks and insurance companies, liaising where necessary with lawyers and patent agents here and abroad.

For more information on the notarial services we offer please contact us on 01279 755777 or fill in our Contact Form.

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