Should You Stay Together for the Sake of Your Children?

Sep 18, 2015
In a programme on Radio 4 this week, Mariella Frostrup revealed that a survey said that one in four people are waiting for their children to grow up before they separate.

The programme talked about how to tell children about separation and about the benefits of a Parenting Plan. Interestingly, only 5% of children feel that they receive a full explanation of the separation and it is now thought that where there has been low conflict between parents, it can be harder for children to understand and deal with separating parents.

It also revealed that 90% of children after separation grow up with their mother as primary carer, that there are 1 million children in the UK who do not see their father at all after their parents separate, and that 23% of children find out about their parent’s new partner through social media.

To listen to the programme, go to

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