The Consumer Act 2015; Are You Ready for 1 October 2015?

Sep 08, 2015

The Consumer Act 2015 is a milestone in reform aimed at consolidating a number of laws on consumer rights. 

The new law will come into force from 1 October 2015 and applies to contracts between a trader and consumer. 

A full discussion is outside the scope of this article but some changes include: 

  1. Digital content, such as downloaded songs, are now caught under consumer law, whereas previously users could not rely on consumer law for any complaints. 
  2. If the goods or services provided are not up to scratch, a consumer’s remedies have been widened. Depending on the product, the consumer could be entitled to a short term rejection of the goods, repair or replacement, or in the case of services, a repeat performance, and a final right to reject goods, or a reduction in price. 
    Emphasis has been placed on ‘relevant terms’ in a contract. They have to be:
  • Transparent, in plain language; and 
  • Prominent - meaning an average consumer must be aware of the terms being brought to the attention of the consumer. 

It is vital you consider a review of your company’s consumer practices, contracts and terms and conditions in order to remain compliant with your obligations as a trader and to avoid falling foul of the new laws.

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