Average Speed Cameras - the Controversy

Sep 02, 2015
Average speed cameras have always been a subject of debate amongst drivers. The ‘cash vs. benefit’ or ‘profit vs. safety’ debate is often mentioned. Are the police starting to provide a ‘fairer game’?

How to Spot One
Average speed cameras are small grey or yellow cameras mounted on grey or yellow posts. They can be bunched together (looking like birds on a wire) and each camera set can be in two or three’s. 

Increasingly (because they are here to stay?) they are also gaining their own road markings – so spotting them may well be easier. The road markings look like upside down ‘L’ shapes in the centre of the lane. However, these markings are not mandatory. 

For more information on average speed cameras please contact Pete Dodd, Partner in our Motoring, Transport and Regulatory Team by email or calling 01279 755777. 

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