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Official Translations of Spanish Wills

Sep 01, 2015
Spanish Wills must be granted before a Notary by the testator.

If the testator does not understand Spanish, the Will can be drafted in double column in Spanish and in English, if the testator is a British citizen for example.

However, the English version is for information purposes only. It is neither a legal translation nor an official translation. In most cases, the English version has been drafted by someone with certain knowledge of Spanish and English who is not an official translator.

The Spanish version of the Will is the valid one. In most cases Spanish Wills will dispone of Spanish assets only. However an official translation of the Spanish Will into English may be necessary if the deceased had assets in the UK but did not grant an English Will because she or she was domiciled in Spain.

The official translation is the translation of the document which needs to serve as legally valid instrument. Only official translators are authorised to certify official translations.

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