Impact on Access to Family Justice of Planned Court Closures

Aug 17, 2015
The government has recently announced a new round of possibly 91 further court closures, raising questions on the access to courts and the possible impact on the amount of time it takes to get a court hearing.

The Law Society has analysed the considered closures, and feels that for over 75% of people going to court on a family matter it would take them more than an hour’s travelling from their home.

The reduction on courts also raises the questions about further delays in getting a hearing date from some courts, where there have already been difficulties in getting hearings following a lack of Judges.

These are just a couple of factors which are not always considered when choosing which way to proceed with resolving family issues. Mediation is still a voluntary process in the family system, but, where it is suitable, mediation can help with both of these issues, as a mediator can be chosen who is local and also the parties have control over when the meetings take place.

We have within our family team both solicitors and mediators and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of aspects of family law.

If this article raises any issues for you or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact  Zen Thompson, one of the solicitors and mediators in our Family Team, who has experience of dealing with these issues.  

Zen Thompson

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Zen joined Nockolds in 2015 and is a Senior Associate Solicitor and Mediator in our Family Team. Zen has specialised in family cases in Hertfordshire ...

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