Thinking of Selling Your Car Privately? - Check the Potential Buyer is Insured

May 06, 2015

A driver who let a potential buyer of his car drive the car has lost his appeal against being disqualified for the offence of aiding and abetting another person drive without insurance.

An accident was caused and the would be driver unfortunately lost control of the vehicle and died. The vehicle owner was injured but thankfully not fatally. It appears from the article reported in The Telegraph online that the driver did not appeal against his conviction but was appealing against the sentence (the disqualification). When the appeal was rejected it also appears that the judge commented on the appellant’s previous bad driver record and the fact that a death had been caused.

Were the facts different the police may not have charged the driver with this offence.

If there is a caution to this story it is that if you are selling a car privately then do not let the potential buyer drive your car. Take them for a test drive. If they are serious then they should understand. If they are insured on their own insurance then ask them to prove it. Ordinarily it will be third party only. If they prang your car it is worth asking yourself 'who will pick up the bill for the damage?' It could be a tricky conversation.

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