Digging Up Evidence - The Will Dispute That Went Far Too Far

Mar 20, 2015

The Nockolds Wills and Trust Disputes Team has acted for many individuals and estates in disputes over Wills and inheritance over the years. In that time we have witnessed many intensely fought and interesting cases as emotions and suspicions will often run very high between family members.  However, a recent case from the home of bizarre legal stories, the USA, has demonstrated the lengths to which some will go to ‘unearth’ evidence.

Melanie Nash, 53, and two others pleaded guilty to charges of criminal mischief, interference with a cemetery, conspiracy and abuse of a corpse in connection with the digging up and forcing open of her father’s coffin to search through the remains for a missing Will she was convinced was contained in the casket. No such Will was found. The guilty parties will be sentenced in May.

When dealing with Will disputes, solicitors routinely ask clients to dig up evidence - but Ms Nash clearly took such advice far too literally. Fortunately we’ve never encountered a case where individuals have taken such desperate and depraved measures. Let’s hope that kind of behaviour stays on the other side of the pond!

Daniel Winter

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