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Registering Phrases as Trademarks

Mar 11, 2015

Just recently we have seen Rihanna win her case against Topshop for using her image on a t-shirt and now it seems that Taylor Swift is to try and register phrases from her album as trade marks. These two are just examples of stars recognising the importance of protecting their image/work and in doing so they are able to take steps to stop third parties benefiting from them without permission or indeed their involvement.

We are yet to see whether or not the applications for registration by Taylor Swift will be successful, and indeed how beneficial they will be to her even if she is successful, but the significance of taking such steps should not be underrated, it shows to the world at large how seriously she takes her “business”. Whilst not everyone’s business is global it should not stop every business considering what it owns and the importance of ensuring that what it owns is protected.

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