Firms Fail to Recruit or Promote Older Women

Mar 10, 2015

Government-backed research has found that firms write off mature female staff by failing to recruit, train and promote them. The study, conducted by Ros Altmann, the Governments Champion of Older Workers rights, questions HR, bosses and employees.

The study revealed that once women reach the age of 45, they are often passed over for better-paid roles because they are deemed to be ‘past-it’. The age increases to 55 for men, and it is found that after these ages, work-place attitudes usually change. Dr Altmann commented that ‘This should be as unacceptable as deciding not to promote or train them for career progression because of their race. It is pure discrimination.’

The discrimination is found to be worse amongst those firms with younger bosses and employers who want their female staff to look and act a certain way. It is often presumed that older staff are less familiar with computer technology and employers fail to train them, leaving them lagging behind.

he report is set to be released tomorrow (11th March).

Discrimination occurs when you are treated less favorably in the workplace because of a protected characteristic, this could be age, sex, race, disability, amongst others. Compensation for a successful discrimination claim is uncapped and will take into account any injury to feelings.

If you feel that you have been discriminated against at work, or have questions regarding discrimination protection, contact a member of our Employment Team on 01279 755777.

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