What Would You Want the Next Government to Change in Family Law

Mar 05, 2015

There have been several recent changes to family law, including the introduction of the Single Family Court and the Child Arrangements Programme.

With the general election fast approaching, many are considering what changes to family law they would like the next government to make.

Resolution, the largest organisation which represents family lawyers (to which all our family lawyers at Nockolds belong), is seeking (amongst other things) to reform to the child maintenance system, the introduction of a Parenting Charter, making divorce fault-free (e.g. adultery/unreasonable behaviour), enforceable pre-nuptial agreements, more certainty as to how finances are dealt with by the court, and more legal rights for unmarried couples.

A well-known family law commentator, David Burrows, is pressing for (amongst other things) clearer law and rules to help people who do not have lawyers, for unmarried couples to have the same rights as married couples, for divorce to be a purely administrative process, and for the court process to be better managed with more use of mediation.

We have a wealth of knowledge of family law in our Family Team. If you would like to discuss how these issues affect you, please contact us on 01279 755777.

Zen Thompson

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