Sales in ‘Smokin' Hot’ Convertibles to Rise?

Feb 12, 2015

The BBC has reported that the government is to introduce a no smoking policy in cars where there are under 18’s in the car. Wales has already done it and Scotland are considering it, the article reports.

This no doubt will spark (apologies) controversy for the pro health versus the civil liberty sides depending on your view. The ban does not include those that have convertibles when the top is down. Hence the article title.

There has been a query in relation to the how this is to be policed when fines are issued. Good point. On another note is it always safe driving wise to smoke in the car? This is another debate. If the police believe a smoking driver is not in proper control of their vehicle then they can be charged and if convicted can face similar fines and points and/or disqualification to those that drive without due care and attention. Worth thinking about when you are on a fag break?

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