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Official Translations of Certificates

Feb 02, 2015

There are many occasions on which the official translation of certificates will be needed in Spain.

If a British citizen owns assets in Spain when he or she passes away, the official translation of the death certificate together with the Death Certificate Apostilled will be submitted to the Registro de Actos de Última Voluntad  [Spanish Registry of Last Wills] to obtain the certificate which will confirm whether the deceased granted a Spanish Will. These documents will also have to be submitted to the relevant Spanish Notary, bank or Land Registry.

The official translations of the marriage certificate and birth certificate (Apostilled) of the beneficiaries may be needed to prove that they are relatives of the deceased.

A British charity can be the beneficiary of assets in Spain by virtue of an English Will. The Spanish notaries, land registrars and banks will need the official translations of the death certificate of the deceased and certificate of incorporation of the charity (Apostilled), among others.

If a British company wants to open an office in Spain, the official translation of the certificate of incorporation (Apostilled), among other documents, will have to be submitted to the Spanish authorities such as the equivalent of Companies House in Spain. Spanish banks may also require the aforesaid Certificate and the official translation when opening a company bank account.

When British citizens want to get married in Spain they will have to submit their birth certificates and the certificate of non-impediment to marriage (Apostilled) and the official translations of these documents to the relevant Spanish authorities.

If a Spanish couple have adopted a child in the UK, the adoption certificate (Apostilled) and the official translation of the certificate may have to be submitted to the Spanish authorities for registration.

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